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Pass the American Jobs Act Now!


President Obama's American Jobs Act is a vital piece of legislation to put Americans back to work and get our economy moving. Republicans and Democrats alike have no business putting the politics of next year's election ahead of the dire needs of jobless Americans and their families, or for that matter, the need of ALL Americans to get our economy growing again.

The American Jobs Act should be passed in its entirety or as several stand-alone bills that would do things like save the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters, invest in rebuilding America's infrastructure and help put unemployed veterans back to work. This jobs legislation is fair, it's effective and most importantly, it is urgently needed.

Sign the petition:

Senators and Representatives,

Now is no time to play politics. It's time to create jobs and put Americans back to work!

I urge you to do everything you can to PASS THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT, or the components thereof as smaller stand-alone bills, NOW!

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