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Tell the Senate: Confirm Tom Perez for Secretary of Labor!


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U.S. Senators:

I urge you to confirm Thomas Perez, President Obama's nominee to be Secretary of Labor, without delay.

Certain voices on the Far Right have tried to paint a picture of Mr. Perez that is far from reality, and some Senators have latched on to false smears in an effort to create a political fight where there does not need to be one.

John Dunne, the Republican who headed the Civil Rights Division under President George H. W. Bush and hired Mr. Perez in 1990, called him "a top-notch lawyer" and "a very straight, honorable person," adding, "he's the kind of guy I'd put my life into his hands."

And Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee chairman who knows Perez said, "he has always been a guy who tries to find the common ground to stand on in serving the people."

The reality of Tom Perez clearly does not fit the hyper-partisan character some are trying to invent.

Please do not attempt to obstruct a good nominee for a necessary post. Do all you can to confirm Thomas Perez for Labor Secretary.