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Tell Congress: Listen to Common Sense, NOT the NRA's Lies and Obfuscations


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Members of Congress:

NRA officials are waging a campaign of misinformation and fear mongering in opposition to common sense reforms that could reduce gun violence -- many of which the NRA's own members overwhelmingly support.

The uncompromising and extreme agenda being pushed by the NRA's leadership appears to have more to do with protecting gun industry profits than protecting the 2nd Amendment. Many groups on the political right have decided to coalesce in opposition to sensible reforms proposed by state and federal leaders, including restrictions on high capacity ammunition clips and instituting better standards for background checks. But this is not a question of Left vs. Right, it's a question of common sense and what we can do to address the pressing national crisis presented by gun violence.

I strongly urge you to do your job as a national policymaker. Disregard the NRA's hyperbolic and paranoid rhetoric and focus on protecting Americans by passing reforms that reduce gun violence.