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Make Sure Every Vote Counts!
Speak out against any attempt by the Right to rig the Electoral College!


State Lawmakers:

I demand that you OPPOSE attempts to rig national Electoral College results by changing the method by which your state awards its electoral votes in advance of the next presidential election or any election.


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Proposals by lawmakers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and, most recently, Michigan to split electoral votes in presidential elections and apportion them based on congressional district or vote percentage, rather than awarding them in the current winner-take-all fashion by popular vote, are outrageously undemocratic and would ignore the will of the voters in these states.

In light of redistricting, which has created legislative districts in which one political party is overwhelmingly favored, creating a proportional system based on the results by congressional district would be fundamentally unfair -- especially a system pushed specifically to help one political party.

Any effort to change the way states -- particularly large, presidential battleground states -- apportion their electoral votes should be seen for what it is: a naked power grab, and an exploitation of electoral victories which should allow winners to serve their terms but not rig the system for the foreseeable future.

Will you join with others across the country to oppose these measures vocally and urge lawmakers not to pursue them any further?