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The "Horse's Patootie" Statue

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The Equine Posterior Achievement Award has been created to honor that leader whose abilities to misrepresent an issue, manipulate his/her followers, brazenly disregard reality or pander to our baser instincts reach such ridiculous levels that we don't know whether to laugh or cry. In other words, a genuine "horse's patootie."

The Far Right is giving us no shortage of paranoid, bigoted and simply over-the-top displays of lunacy to, um, recognize with this "award."

The award itself is based on a statue (also called the "Horse's Patootie"), which was designed for PFAW by renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg and cast in bronze by FDR Memorial sculptor Donald Graham.

Here are your nominees for 2013.

Cast your vote for who you think should receive the award below. We'll announce the winner in January.

Sarah Palin: The reality TV star and former one-and-a-half-year governor has been pushing the War on Christmas hoax, even citing Thomas Jefferson in her crusade against the non-existent war.

Michele Bachmann: In her last term serving in the House, the Minnesota congresswoman charged that 9/11 was God's judgment, claimed that Obama is ushering in the End Times and asked God to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Gordon Klingenschmitt: The TV exorcist has waged an unsuccessful fight to shut down RWW's YouTube channel in an attempt to hide his shocking anti-gay rants.

Ted Cruz: In addition to spearheading a disastrous government shutdown, Cruz once joked that the White House would kidnap him. Is it any wonder the junior senator from Texas has the biggest ego in Congress? (And that's saying something.)

Pat Robertson: Realizing his career as a homophobic televangelist, Robertson thinks gay people want to attack straight people with special AIDS rings and recruit their children.

Steve King: As the GOP's point person on xenophobic rhetoric, the Iowa congressman smeared immigrants as drug runners with "calves the size of cantaloupes" and called anyone who disagreed with him unpatriotic.

Glenn Beck: Leaving Fox News hasn’t stopped Beck from delivering his usual conspiracy theories, downright maniacal attacks on the Obamas, coming up with creepy stunts and dishing out bad parenting advice.


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