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Dear People For Supporter,

The so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has got to go. And with the support of our members, People For the American Way is going to wage the fight to make sure that happens.

Marriage equality for same-sex couples is now a reality in six states, and there will be more to come soon. There have been stumbling blocks in states like California and New York, but most people agree that it's just a matter of time there, too. And public opinion has shifted drastically in favor of equality from just a few short years ago.

But even as barriers are being broken down in the states, DOMA remains a roadblock to legal recognition of same-sex couples, to legal and social equality, to benefits and protections that committed, loving families have the right to enjoy -- around healthcare decisions, child custody and so much more.

The effort to repeal DOMA is a true ground-up, "movement-style" campaign and that's why we need as many people involved and invested in it as possible. That's why I am asking that you become one of our campaign's valued contributors with a donation to this important effort now.

This is not a short-term campaign. It could take years instead of months. So our perseverance will be critical and for that we need to make sure we're funded.

I also ask that you consider signing up for the monthly contribution option to help sustain this campaign moving forward. It doesn't have to be a lot -- just what ever you can spare once a month to keep the Dump DOMA campaign going and to ensure its success.

DOMA hurts families, and in some cases, can destroy them. President Obama has acknowledged that the law is discriminatory and even restated his support for repealing it, but his Justice Department has defended the law in court. Our true hope of success lies in building a long-term grassroots campaign that demands Congress hear Americans' voices on this and act to repeal DOMA.

Will you help?

In the meantime, PFAW will be working hard on a comprehensive equality agenda that includes the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and the passage of employment nondiscrimination and hate crimes legislation. But no single legislative victory will do more for the cause of full legal equality than the repeal of DOMA, because of the policy ramifications AND because of what it will mean in terms of turning the page to a new era of non-discrimination and true acceptance of LGBT Americans as valuable and equal members of our nation's diverse tapestry.

It's time, but it's up to US to make it happen.

Please make a donation to PFAW's campaign to Dump DOMA today and be on the front lines of making history.


Michael B. Keegan, President

P.S. Read the letter I sent to President Obama yesterday urging him to take a stronger leadership role in the fight for LGBT equality.

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