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Tell Your Senators to Pass ENDA Now!

Click here to see who’s already in support -- thank them -- and here for the July committee vote, in which Republican Senators Hatch and Murkowski stood with lead Republican sponsor Senator Kirk and committee Democrats to establish uniform protections for LGBT workers across the country.

Dear People For Supporter,

As the government shutdown enters its third day, members of Congress are still on the job, and we need to show them that they need to get back to work not only on the budget but on all of the urgent issues that we care about. Today we’re sending the message:

It’s way past time for Congress to enact basic workplace protections that shield LGBT Americans from employment discrimination.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has already been approved by Senate committee. Join today’s national call-in day and tell your Senators to support a floor vote and to vote “yes” on ENDA.

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It’s a clear cut issue of fairness. But to help you make your point even more cogently, AND to give you some great ideas for follow-up activism, consult our just-released ENDA Activist Toolkit: Judging Employees by Their Work Performance, Not by Who They Are or Who They Love.

The toolkit contains talking points, training and materials for lobbying, media tools, and Right Wing Watch opposition research, all designed to help you in calling for Congress to stand on the side of equality.

Although much progress has been made, LGBT Americans remain widely discriminated against. 29 states have no laws protecting lesbian, gay, and bisexual employees, and 33 states have none that protect transgender workers.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is about economic security. It’s a very basic, commonsense measure that would protect LGBT Americans against the very real discrimination many of them face in the workplace -- one that the public overwhelmingly supports.

ENDA is ready for a floor vote and the Senate could take it up as early as this month. We also need to get it through the House and to the President for his signature, but the first step is full Senate passage.

So please don’t wait any longer and make your calls for ENDA now.

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Then use our new toolkit, which can be found at, to boost your activism on this important issue.

Thank you for all you do.


Jen Herrick, Senior Policy Analyst

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