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Corporate Money

We need to restore power in our democracy to the voters, not who can write the fattest check or fund the sleaziest attack ads.

Help us take back our democracy for the PEOPLE.


Dear PFAW Supporter,

Our national movement to get unlimited corporate and special interest money out of our elections is growing stronger by the day.

Can you renew your membership and help us overturn Citizens United and stop the flood of big money into elections?

The Supreme Court's disastrous 5-4 decision in 2010's Citizens United v. FEC made the longstanding problem of big money in politics exponentially worse, opening the floodgates for unlimited spending by Super PACs, corporate special interests and billionaire right-wing ideologues in America's elections. It's getting worse with each cycle, but PFAW is mobilizing Americans in every corner of this country to build the support we'll need to amend the Constitution and undo Citizens United.

Look at the grassroots movement PFAW has helped to build:

  • 12 states have passed legislation supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, including West Virginia just last week...and we're working on getting it passed in New Hampshire, Washington State and Nevada this session...
  • We're helping to build grassroots and "grass tops" support in more states, like Delaware, where we've helped organize support for a sign-on letter from state legislators to the congressional delegation, and Wisconsin, where we're building support with a statewide petition effort...
  • More than 500 local resolutions have passed, including one we recently helped get passed by referendum in the New Hampshire Senate Majority Leader's district, in part to increase pressure on him to move the state bill...

This is our generation's moment to amend the Constitution. We're going to make history, but we need your help.

Please support our efforts by renewing your membership now.

We desperately need to restore government by the PEOPLE and make sure the power in our democracy resides with voters, not who can write the fattest check or fund the sleaziest attack ads.

Please chip in what you can today, and help us take our democracy back.


Michael B. Keegan signature
Michael Keegan, President

P.S. Where resolutions supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United have passed by referendum, the margins of victory have been overwhelming. The People get it...and we're amplifying their voices to make sure Congress gets it too.

So far, 107 members of the U.S. House and 29 members of the Senate have signed on in support of these efforts. With your help, we'll grow that number quickly and achieve what Americans demand -- and end to unlimited big money in elections. Can you contribute to this work?

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