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The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. FEC overturned a century of established law by declaring limits on corporate election spending unconstitutional. Help us restore Government By the People, NOT the corporations.

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Dear PFAW Activist,

Earlier this month, a pair of bills was introduced in Charleston calling for a constitutional amendment to get big money out of our elections and overturn Citizens United.

West Virginia has already seen the drastic need for a constitutional amendment to enact free and fair elections. In 2010, West Virginia’s congressional races attracted more than $15 million from outside groups such as American Crossroads and FreedomWorks, organizations that can, in the wake of Citizens United, raise and spend unlimited amounts of money in our elections. And in last year’s attorney general race, an out-of-state group spent more than $1 million to unseat the attorney general, Darrell McGraw.  

The campaign to overturn Citizens United has been going well but we need your help to make sure the bill in the State Senate gets out of committee and build support for it to pass in the full Senate!   

The Senate Judiciary Committee has not yet moved for a vote on the bill, but we are hearing that things are looking hopeful, in large part because of the growing coalition of voices in West Virginia who believe democracy is for the people, not for the corporations. Join us!

Please call your state senator and ask that they help bring SR 24 to a vote and to vote “yes”:

your state senator

If you can, please call the following members as well:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Corey Palumbo (304) 357-7880
Senate President, Jeffrey V. Kessler (304) 357-7801

For the sake of our democracy, the pay-to-play system must be stopped.  We need West Virginia to join the 11 other states that have already called upon Congress to pass an amendment resolution that would give Congress and the states the constitutional authority to regulate Super PACs and determine their own campaign finance systems.

The time is running out to call committee members and urge them to support the bill that would put democracy back in the hands of the people.

So please call now!

Thanks for all you do,

Calvin Sloan, Legislative Representative

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