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With your help, no amount of ruthlessness, corporate money or dirty tricks will stop us from holding the Right accountable for its war on the middle class.

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Dear PFAW Supporter,

With the recall election of Governor Walker and four Republican state senators now under way, the time to stand together and hold the Radical Right accountable for their war on the 99% is now.

That’s why we urgently need your support today -- please make a donation to our Recall the Right campaign.

PFAW Supporter, as one of our most loyal supporters, you know it’s going to take a strong campaign to go up against the well-funded GOP and knock Walker and his extremist cronies out of office. Victories in Wisconsin now -- especially over Walker -- will pave the way for more progressive wins in November’s presidential and congressional races... not only in Wisconsin, but nationwide.

The governor's priorities are obvious. He's spent his time in office crisscrossing the country raising support from out-of-state millionaires and billionaires, like the Koch brothers and their right-wing front group Americans for Prosperity, and pursuing their radical agenda back home.

David Koch even admitted, "We've gotten pretty good at this over the years. We've spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We're going to spend more."

That's why your gift today is so important. With your support, we can force the shift we so desperately need as a country ... but we have to overcome the Right's dirty tricks and unlimited corporate cash to do it.

Our plan includes:

  • paid staff on the ground;
  • targeted advertising;
  • direct voter contact by mail and phone;
  • and more...

We’ll mobilize the progressive vote and win over swing voters and independents -- but only with your help.

The more than one million Wisconsinites who have petitioned to recall Governor Walker are also facing attacks on their right to recall politicians in the future by the Wisconsin State Assembly. Just last week, they voted to amend the state constitution to make it even harder to toss someone from office.

Clearly, they will stop at nothing. That’s why we have a plan in place, but we can’t do it without your support.

Please make an urgent gift to help our Recall the Right campaign today.

Thank you for your energy, your activism and your unwavering commitment to the American Way -- and for helping us fight to protect it.

Michael B. Keegan signature
Michael Keegan, President

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