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November 2010

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SPOTLIGHT: Putting the "Lame" in Lame Duck

Citizens Blindsided: Secret Corporate Money in the 2010 Elections and America's New Shadow Democracy

Tell Advertisers: Drop Fox

Big Victories for Young Progressives

Fund Young People For Simply By Voting! Time is Running Out.

A Government That Works: Americans Want a Functioning Government; That Means Voting on Judicial Nominees

The Ten Scariest Republicans Heading to Congress

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We must do all we can to see that the DISCLOSE Act gets brought up in the Senate ands passed before the New Year. That means we need to apply pressure where its needed: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get him to call up the bill, and a handful of holdout Republican Senators who have indicated they would support a streamlined version of the DISCLOSE Act (exactly what they're being offered).

Please call these Senators' offices now and urge them to support passage of the DISCLOSE Act before the holidays:

Harry Reid (NV):

Scott Brown (MA):

Mark Kirk (IL):

Olympia Snowe (ME):

Susan Collins (ME):


Young Elected Officials Network Thrives in the Face of 'the Wave'



Members of PFAW Foundation's Young Elected Officials Network had some big wins this past Election Day. Despite progressives suffering big losses across the country, the well-equipped YEOs fared pretty well with most of them winning their races for reelection, some advancing to hire office, and some new young electeds who will be joining the network winning election to office for the first time.

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Putting the "Lame" in Lame Duck

elephant foot capitol

Republicans continue to make the case that they are the ones who are serious about fixing the economy, shrinking the deficit and putting Americans back to work. This, as they gear up for endless witch hunts that will make the Republicans' investigations into the Clinton administration in the 1990s look like a picnic... as they move to oppose extending unemployment insurance for millions of Americans in need... as they push to add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit with tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans.

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Now more than ever, PFAW is your voice against the Right. And now more than ever, we need you to make sure we are strong enough to stand up to the Tea Party, the Religious Right, right-wing media like Fox News and the unholy alliance of corporatism and right-wing cultural extremism that now dominates the party that will be taking over Congress in a month.

Make sure we have the tools to fight and win with a donation to our work today.





Citizens Blindsided: Secret Corporate Money in the 2010 Elections and America's New Shadow Democracy

Citizens Blindsided

PFAW has released "Citizens Blindsided: Secret Corporate Money in the 2010 Elections and America's New Shadow Democracy," the final version of our comprehensive report on the shadowy corporate front groups that dominated the airwaves this election with attack ads funded largely by undisclosed donors.

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Tell Advertisers: Drop Fox News

Drop Fox

Fox News, the powerful right-wing media outlet, has allowed its brand of "news" and opinion to degenerate into hate-speech and propaganda that has incited violence and has the potential to incite even more violence. PFAW is proud to join Drummond Pike, CEO and Founder of the Tides Foundation, along with our friends at Media Matters for America, in calling on advertisers to drop their sponsorship of Fox News.

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Big Victories for Young Progressives


This year PFAW and People For the American Way Action Fund endorsed over eighty candidates of the age 35 or younger who were running for public office. Many of the candidates were already elected officials, while others were running for office for the very first time. The PFAW Action Fund helped provide young progressives with the resources to spread and bolster their messages of equality, justice and good government, and put them in the leadership pipeline to strengthen the progressive movement.

Of the candidates we endorsed for the general election, 72 of the 86 endorsed candidates won their races.

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Fund Young People For Simply By Voting! Time is Running Out.

yp4 pepsi text button

For the past month, YP4 has been competing for $50,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Each month, groups from across the country vie for nearly $1.3 million to support thousands of community based organizations and projects. Voting ends TODAY and currently we are ranked #4. The top 10 groups in each category receive the funding, but with the clock ticking down today, YP4's competition is pulling out all the stops.

We need YOU to cast urgent, last-minute votes, right now, to make sure YP4 stays in the top 10. Hopefully, with your help, YP4 will be #1!

You can vote THREE TIMES by three different methods.

1. Vote at the Pepsi Refresh web site.

2. Vote on Facebook.

3. Text 102934 to PEPSI (73774).

Young People For is a program of People For the American Way Foundation.



A Government That Works: Americans Want a Functioning Government; That Means Voting on Judicial Nominees


Pundits will spend months discussing and dissecting the results of our most recent elections. Whether the root cause of the results is the country's economic situation, the flood of outside money or something else, one thing is clear: Americans are angry at gridlock and partisanship in Washington. They don't want political squabbles and they don't want more talking points: they want a government that works.

And a well functioning judicial branch is central to having such a government.

Sadly, despite a steady stream of highly qualified nominees, all of whom would receive the support of a strong majority of the Senate, Republican leaders have engaged in an unprecedented level of obstruction to prevent votes on individual judicial nominees.

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The Ten Scariest Republicans Heading to Congress


We've produced an introduction to the ten scariest new House members coming into Congress in 2011 as a result of this past election. Tea Party favorites and Religious Right zealots, many of them make Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) look like Thomas Jefferson!

We'll be compiling this research into an official report, but there's no need to wait -- all the information is available in a series of in-depth blog posts on Right Wing Watch.

Read All About the "Ten Scariest" >

In addition to our "Ten Scariest" report, stay tuned in the coming weeks for exciting new PFAW reports on the growing Religious Right movement known as Dominionism, the Tea Party's view of the Constitution and the key players in the new GOP Leadership who will be taking control of the House of Representatives and its many committees.





Meet the Freshmen!

Meet the Freshmen

Leading up to the elections, PFAW released a report on the extremism of the right-wing candidates running for Senate called "The Rogues' Gallery." Unfortunately, some of those "rogues" won their elections and will be sworn in as U.S. Senators a month from now. We've put together a quick video to help Americans understand a thing or two about these new Senators' shared agenda.

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The Majority of Americans Want to End Discrimination in the Military. The Tea Party Doesn't. Who's the GOP Listening to?


A new Pew Research survey confirms, again, that a large majority of Americans support repealing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and allowing gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly in the military.


The Senate will mostly likely take a final vote on Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal after this week's release of the Pentagon's report on repeal.

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Groundswell of Support for Overturning 'Citizens United' Continues


The latest polling on the Citizens United v. FEC decision reflects the growing public support for overturning the Roberts Court's ruling. According to a new Public Policy Polling analysis, 46% of Americans agreed that "Congress should consider drastic measures such as a constitutional amendment overturning the recent Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate spending in elections," while 36% disagreed and one-in-five had not formed an opinion.

A large majority of Americans across party lines disagree with the Citizens United decision, according to poll after poll after poll after poll. Members of both the House and Senate have already introduced constitutional amendments to overturn the ruling and reaffirm Congress's right to limit corporate spending in elections.

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Right Wing Watch: Barton: Gays Are "Hypersensitive" And "Behave in Such a Way That People Want to Kick You"


David Barton and Rick Green dedicated their "Wallbuilders Live" radio program to discussing the recent situation in Indiana where a bakery owner refused to make cupcakes for customer who wanted to celebrate "National Coming Out Day" with Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indiana.

Barton began by framing the discussion by asserting that gays are "hypersensitive" and pointed to his recent statement that the government ought to be regulating gay sex as evidence, claiming that he received death threats because of it. Finally, Barton says that gays have a "kick me mentality" and "behave in such a way that people want to kick you."

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Right Wing Watch: Right Wing Continues to Push "Socialist Pilgrims" Myth


Despite a comprehensive repudiation by historians of the belief that the original Pilgrims were socialists who only began to succeed and prosper once they turned to capitalism, on this Thanksgiving conservative leaders and writers continue to spread the urban legend that the settlers were almost doomed by their socialist ways..

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Editorial Boards From Across the Country Call on Senate to Pass DISCLOSE Act


Even though Republican obstructionism has upheld passage of the DISCLOSE Act in the US Senate twice before, the need to pass the bill has grown more urgent following the midterm election which experienced an onslaught of campaign ads funded by secret money from shadowy groups.

Newspaper editorial boards from around the US are speaking out, calling for the Senate to act on the DISCLOSE Act.

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Right Wing Watch: Randall Terry and Crew Met With Boehner's Chief of Staff


It is no secret that Randall Terry is an attention-seeking right-wing zealot, always on the lookout for ways to get his name in the press.

From burning effigies of Nancy Pelosi or Lindsey Graham to destroying Korans and protesting outside the school attended by President Obama's daughters, Terry is constantly working to draw attention to his cause ... mainly as a means to draw attention to himself.

And all of that self-aggrandizement occasionally pays of, as it helps Terry to secure meetings with incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner's Chief of Staff.

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Right Wing Watch: Beware The Green Dragon!


A who's who of Religious Right leaders have come together for a 12-part series called "Resisting the Green Dragon" which seeks to expose how the environmental movement is out to control the world and destroy Christianity.

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Paycheck Fairness Act defeated, but we shouldn't be


There's no denying the fact that it was frustrating to see the Paycheck Fairness Act defeated in a 58-41 vote -- 2 votes shy of overcoming a procedural hurdle that has stopped the bill itself from coming to the floor.

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