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JULY 2009

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To Hell with Health Care Reform: Religious Right Leaders Attack Obama, Spout GOP Dogma about "Socialism" While Fanning Flames on Abortion

Sotomayor On Way to Confirmation

Hate Crimes Bill Passes in the Senate

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The Equine Posterior Achievement Award: Birther Edition!

EPA Awared mini

Congratulate June's winner: Rep. Michele Bachmann with 54% of the vote!

This month, we decided that the award really should go to someone involved in the so-called birther movement. See who our nominees are and pick your favorite Birther!

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Bush Administration Accountability

This month it came out that the Bush administration's warrantless domestic spying was far more vast than anyone thought, that Karl Rove had a more direct hand in the political firings of U.S. attorneys than previously known and that Dick Cheney ordered the CIA to lie to Congress!

The lawlessness of the Bush administration truly knew no bounds.

Do something about it.

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To Hell with Health Care Reform: Religious Right Leaders Attack Obama, Spout GOP Dogma about "Socialism" While Fanning Flames on Abortion

RWW In Focus

The latest Right Wing Watch In Focus report is here and it deals with the Radical Right's part in trying to derail the health care reform Americans so desperately need.

Religious Right leaders have enthusiastically joined Republican-led opposition to health care reform efforts.

Much of the Religious Right's organizing energy has been devoted to incendiary and false claims about the administration's alleged stealth plan to force every health plan to cover -- and force all doctors to provide -- abortion services. None of these approaches are actually included in the plans working their way through Congress. In fact, anti-choice members of Congress are using health reform to institute a new nationwide abortion ban in private insurance plans taking away coverage women already have.

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Sotomayor On Way to Confirmation

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-6 to send the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the full Senate setting the stage for Judge Sotomayor to be confirmed before the Senate's August recess.

A number of Republicans seem to be playing politics with the nomination -- they are fueled by the Far Right, which has attacked her character and distorted her record, during the Senate confirmation hearings and throughout the month. People For the American Way has been a leader in refuting the Right's attacks.

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Hate Crimes Bill Passes in the Senate

Both the House and the Senate have passed the Hate Crimes Prevent in Act! In the Senate, it passed as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill, and that is the form in which it will hopefully reach the president's desk. Now, it's up to House members of the conference committee to make sure that the Matthew Shepard Act remains in the authorization bill. And the Right is not throwing in the towel yet.

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Featured Video: Walter Cronkite In Defense of Liberalism

In the wake of the 1988 presidential election, at People For the American Way's Spirit of Liberty Awards event, Walter Cronkite delivered a speech introducing PFAW co-founder and honoree for the evening, Rep. Barbara Jordan. It was a pep talk, something of a "coming out" speech in that Cronkite chose to make his own progressive values very public and it was an important defense of liberalism at a time when people needed to hear it.

Walter Cronkite passed away this month. He was a true pioneer and a member of the People For family. We will remember him fondly.

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Indefinite Detention: Wrong Under Bush, Wrong Under Obama (7/9)

For some people in Guantanamo Bay who are found not guilty in a court of law for whatever they are eventually put on trial for, the Obama Administration is floating the idea of keeping them in "indefinite detention" anyway.

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Right Wing Watch: Alan Colmes Talks To Wingers So You Don't Have To (7/15)

I have to say that Alan Colmes' decision to leave his position on "Hannity and Colmes" is just about the best thing to ever happen … at least for me personally. And the reason is because he now has time to dedicate to interviewing fringe right wing figures on his radio program, much to my delight.

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Right Wing Watch: The Proper Prayer Ratio: 98% Blessing, 2% Death (7/13)

Last month, Wiley Drake declared that the murder of Dr. George Tiller was the answer to his imprecatory prayers. He followed that up a few days later by unapologetically admitting to Alan Colmes that he was also praying for President Obama's death.

Now Drake wants to clarify his position and make it known that while he does want Obama to die at the hand of God, he doesn't want to come off as some crank who is obsessed with it. After all, he explains, he's really only spending at most two percent of his prayer-time in seeking the president's death.

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Right Wing Watch: "They Won't Pay for My Surgery, But We're Forced to Pay for Abortions" (7/29)

In conjunction with its healthcare webcast, the Family Research Council announced the release of this new ad in which a couple complains that the man cannot get the life-saving surgery he needs while taxpayer dollars are being used for abortion.

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John Yoo: Still Lying (7/16)

The blog The Anonymous Liberal does a fantastic job picking apart John Yoo's op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal defending himself against the findings of the recently released Inspector General's report.

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Right Wing Watch: The Unwinnable War (7/28)

In yet another attempt to put an end to the absurd Birther conspiracy theories, Hawaii's health director released a statement attesting that she has personally seen President Obama's birth certificate in the Health Department's archives.

So how is this playing over at WorldNetDaily (aka "Birther Central"), you ask? Shockingly, they have dismissed it entirely and responded by accusing Fukino of breaking the law.

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Biased Critiques of Sotomayor's "Judicial Temperament" (7/14)

Amid questioning concerning her supposed "aggressive" judicial temperament and "bullying" courtroom demeanor, Judge Sotomayor today emerged from the tussle of the hearings a composed and careful speaker, unwilling to let pointed critiques ruffle her feathers.

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