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SPOTLIGHT: Attacks on DOJ Nominees Signal Right's Judicial Nominations Strategy

Campaign to Restore Justice

DC has a 200-year long line at the polls... but not for long

YP4's National Summit

The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be

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Equine Posterior Achievement Award

EPA Awared mini

We are turning the Equine Posterior Achievement Award into a monthly feature because, let's face it, the Far Right is giving us no shortage of paranoid, bigoted and simply over-the-top displays of lunacy to recognize with this "award."

Find out who the nominees are for February and vote for the winner!

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Attacks on DOJ Nominees Signal Right's Judicial Nominations Strategy

RWW in focus

Right-wing political and legal organizations have unleashed a coordinated campaign of over-the-top attacks on the qualifications, records, and fitness of President Obama's nominees for important positions in the U.S. Justice Department. Deputy Attorney General nominee David Ogden has been the prime target of the Right's wrath, but Solicitor General nominee Elena Kagan, Associate Attorney General nominee Thomas Perrelli, and Office of Legal Counsel nominee Dawn Johnsen have also come in for their share of criticism.

The rhetoric used in the attacks, documented extensively on, suggests that the campaign may be less about actually stopping any of these nominees and more about getting right-wing activists, pundits, and lawmakers warmed up for similar attacks on eventual Obama nominees to the federal judiciary, and in particular to the U.S. Supreme Court. Right-wing leaders want to tarnish the image of Obama to strengthen their hand when they try to block his judicial nominees. But the deceptive and distorted nature of the attacks should signal to senators, journalists, and others the importance of questioning the credibility of those charges when they come.

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Campaign to Restore Justice

Justice has been in exile for eight long years. It needs to be restored.

That means restoring checks and balances, accountability, transparency and the rule of law -- some of our most fundamental constitutional values that have been stepped on and undermined by the previous administration. It's going to take a lot of effort and all three branches of government.

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DC has a 200-year long line at the polls... but not for long

Long lines at the polls on Election Day are a problem not to be ignored. But imagine if you had been standing in line to vote since 1801. That's where you'll find the nearly 600,000 Americans living in DC. Thankfully, their 200-year wait is nearly over.

On February 24, the Senate brought DC one step closer to the ballot box by clearing a procedural hurdle placed in the way of the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009 (S. 160).

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YP4's National Summit

YP4 09 summit

It's hard to believe the fifth annual National Summit has come and gone!

At the Summit, the new class of Young People For (YP4) fellows met other young progressive leaders from all over the country and learned powerful strategies and tactics for creating sustainable social change. There are some great pictures, video and updates available on YP4's web site.

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Young People For is a program of People For the American Way Foundation.

The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be

progressive revolution (book)

The Progressive Revolution, a new book by longtime political activist Mike Lux, gives fresh life to the chapters of American history that conservatives want to forget.

"If you're a progressive like me, you'll love Mike Lux's book. He combines a historian's sweep with a blogger's punch. His book is essential reading for all of us who who believe in progressive change." -- Paul Begala

"Using history as his canvas, Mike Lux illustrates how the progressive movement has made America a far better place, and how the conservatives that have opposed progressive change every step of the way have set our country back time and time again. Passionate and personal, The Progressive Revolution is as inspiring as it is informative." -- Arianna Huffington

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darwin-va gop youtube

Virginia GOP Chair goes all Cro-Magnon on Darwin, on his birthday

Virginia GOP chairman Jeff Frederick couldn't pass up the opportunity to go on the attack against the father of modern biology on his birthday (also the birthday of President Lincoln). Frederick obviously put a lot of thought into his assault on evolution and created a foolproof (or so it seemed) plan -- put Darwin up alongside Lincoln and let the people see Darwin for the monster he was.

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Right Wing Watch: Sen. Inhofe's "Jesus Thing" (2/25)

In December, the Oklahoma reported that Sen. James Inhofe had regularly been making trips to Africa, using taxpayer money, in order to spread the gospel of Christ.

Inhofe insists that his trips have either been paid for personally or stemmed directly from his work in Congress on humanitarian, national security and economic matters. But Inhofe’s own words make it sound as if these trips are more about using his office and standing as a US Senator in order to evangelize.

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Right Wing Watch: Daily Bible Study With Rep. Scott Renfroe (2/25)

The Colorado Independent has posted an audio clip from Colorado state Sen. Scott Renfroe explaining his opposition to Senate Bill 88 (which we mentioned here and which would add domestic partners to the list of dependents eligible for coverage under state employee group benefit plans,) by rattling off a bunch of Bible verses and then comparing homosexuality to murder.

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News From Newark (2/13)

Readers of blogs like Towleroad and GayPolitics may have come across a story this week about Newark, Delaware City Councilman Ezra Temko, who pushed anti-discrimination legislation through the council, and came out in the process.

What you might not have read is that Ezra is also a graduate of People For Foundation's Young People For and Front Line Leaders Academy, and is now a member of our Young Elected Officals Network.

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Dealing With the Right's Big Lies (2/6)

We here at People For have been making the case since the November elections that even though the results were devastating for the Republican Party, they actually strengthened the Radical Right and increased its influence within the GOP. Republicans in Congress are now unabashedly taking their marching orders directly from right-wing demagogues and organizations...

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