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SPOTLIGHT: Rick Warren Was the Wrong Choice

Putting the Justice back in the DOJ

YP4's National Summit

The Equine Posterior Achievement Award - Go Vote!

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If you have not had a chance to do so already, visit's Ideas For Change In America project now. Please show your support for national early voting and any other ideas you like, and if you have an idea for change, follow the directions on the site to submit your own.

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It's time for some real change we can believe in. It's time for the federal government to stop punishing loving same-sex couples. It's time to repeal DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act).

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Rick Warren Was the Wrong Choice

Rick Warren

People For's response to the announcement that Rev. Rick Warren will deliver the invocation at President-elect Obama's inauguration has been quoted and discussed in scores of media outlets including TV and radio shows, newspapers and blogs.

Please take a moment and read People For President Kathryn Kolbert's CNN op-ed. Then sign on to our open letter to the President-elect.

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Putting the Justice back in the DOJ

After eight years of being dominated by politicization, cronyism and extremism, the Department of Justice is in desperate need of a good housecleaning. The Department, like the Attorney General, is supposed to defend the rule of law and Americans' constitutional rights. But under the Bush administration, the DOJ has been used as a weapon against constitutional values, used to fight the administration's ideological and political battles.

The first step in cleaning up the Justice Department is making sure Senate Republicans are not successful in their upcoming efforts to sink the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Eric Holder. We'll be out front in the fight to expose the hypocrisy and partisanship of the senators leading the attack.

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YP4's National Summit

YP4 09 summit

The fifth annual National Summit is coming!

At the Summit, the new class of Young People For (YP4) fellows will meet other young progressive leaders from all over the country and learn powerful strategies and tactics for creating sustainable social change.

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Young People For is a program of People For the American Way Foundation.

The Equine Posterior Achievement Award - Go Vote!

EPAA Award

The Equine Posterior Achievement Award has been created to honor that leader whose abilities to misrepresent an issue, manipulate his/her followers, brazenly disregard reality or pander to our baser instincts reach such ridiculous levels that we don't know whether to laugh or cry. In other words, a genuine "horse's patootie."

To that individual we are pleased to present PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY's Equine Posterior Achievement Award -- this year, to be known as the Honorary McPalin Equine Posterior Achievement Award.

The duo of John McCain and Sarah Palin -- the latter, especially -- exemplified the spirit of this award in a unique way. But moving beyond the obvious, we wanted to focus this year on some people who may have slipped under the radar or just deserve consideration in their own right.

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warren prop 8

Rick Warren Endorsing California's Proposition 8

A quick view of this video of Rev. Rick Warren encouraging support of Proposition 8 back in October makes it clear that he is more than simply a "religious figure." He is a right-wing political leader who wants to deny equal rights to many Americans while using scripture to demonize those same people.

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Right Wing Watch: The Problem With Rick Warren (12/18)

Barack Obama's team has released talking points in an attempt to quell the outrage that followed the announcement that Rick Warren would be delivering the invocation at his inauguration, defending the decision by saying that while Obama disagrees with Warren's anti-gay views, the two "agree on many issues vital to the pursuit of social justice, including poverty relief and moving toward a sustainable planet" and, as such, the president-elect is committed to hosting "the most open, accessible, and inclusive Inauguration in American history."

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Right Wing Watch: Vote for Janet Porter! (12/17)

Ben has announced that voting for our 2008 Equine Posterior Achievement Award is now open.

There are many worthy nominees, each of whom individually deserve this coveted award -- including Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Sen. John Kyl, soon-to-be former Senator Elizabeth Dole, soon-to-be former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, and others.

But I am personally pulling for Janet Porter because, well, she deserves it more than anyone else.

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Right Wing Watch: Handing the RNC Over to Rod Parsley and Friends (12/17)

As we noted a few weeks ago, former Ohio Secretary of State and current Family Research Council fellow Ken Blackwell is seeking the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. In recent days, he's secured several "high-profile endorsements from the Club for Growth, Gun Owners of America and prominent conservatives like Steve Forbes" and now it looks like he is taking the next step in his attempt to consolidate his standing as a front-runner by announcing that he's found a like-minded running mate.

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Where Is Today's Deep Throat? (12/19)

Mark Felt -- better known as the anonymous source Deep Throat -- died this month at the age of 95. The deputy director of the FBI in the early 1970s, Felt secretly led Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward to the information that eventually toppled the lawless presidency of Richard Nixon.

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