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SPOTLIGHT: Congratulations! People For Family Scores Big on Election Day

The Fruit of Our Labor: Obama's Mandate on the Courts

Protecting the Right to Vote

Setting the Record Straight; Stopping the Right's Attempts to Divide Us

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In the Streets

Protesting for the Right to Stay Home and Skip Future Protests

Kudos to Join The Impact, which by all accounts organized some terrific protests this month against anti-family attacks like Prop 8 in California.

Prop 8 DC Video - Join the Impact

Read more and watch video from the Washington event more

Take Action

Step 1: Restore the Constitutionmore

As the Obama administration transitions in, step one must be restoring the Constitution. Say NO MORE to torture, domestic spying that violates Americans' rights, excessive government secrecy and gross violations of due process and habeas corpus.

Sign our petition right now bolstering President-elect Obama's campaign commitments to restore constitutional rights and the rule of law.

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Congratulations! People For Family Scores Big on Election Day

This month, People For the American Way ranked #1 among advocacy groups by the National Journal in "winning the ground game" for our record of supporting candidates in competitive U.S. House and Senate races. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

People For the American Way Foundation's leadership development programs received their share of good news as well with Young Elected Official Network members and Young People For graduates scoring some big wins of their own ... and that's good news for all of us.

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The Fruit of Our Labor: Obama's Mandate on the Courts

In past years, we've seen Republican candidates motivate their base with pledges to appoint judges to the bench who bring a conservative political ideology to their decisions. Finally, thanks in part to People For's years-long effort to elevate the issue of the federal courts for Americans who cherish their rights, this year, it was those committed to core constitutional values -- justice, equality and opportunity for all -- who were most able to rally support on judicial issues. Looking at this year's results, it's incontrovertible that the election delivered a sweeping mandate for President-elect Obama to appoint federal judges in the mold of Justices Brennan and Marshall

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Protecting the Right to Vote

video the vote

While right-wing partisans tried to whip up a frenzy over non-existent voter fraud issues, thousands of eligible Americans still experienced challenges at the polls in part due to an organized effort to disenfranchise voters. People For the American Way Foundation's Democracy Campaign tracked and documented these challenges which included: voter purges; voter intimidation and suppression including misleading fliers and misinformation from elections officials; challenges to their right to vote by partisan operatives; and absentee ballot problems.

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And watch some excellent video footage documenting democracy in action on November 4 here and here. People For the American Way Foundation partnered with Video the Vote and YouTube's Video Your Vote to help make both of these projects a success.

Setting the Record Straight; Stopping the Right's Attempts to Divide Us

Earlier this month, People For the American Way Foundation was quick to respond to misplaced outrage about the passage of Proposition 8, stripping same-sex couples in California of the right to marry. The Foundation released an edit memo titled Blaming Black Voters for Prop 8 Loss is Wrong and Destructive.

Before we give Religious Right leaders more reasons to rejoice by deepening the divisions they have worked so hard to create between African Americans and the broader progressive community, let's be clear about who is responsible for gay couples in California losing the right to get married, and let's think strategically about a way forward that broadens and strengthens support for equality.

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Ali vid screen cap

A Blast from the Past

In last week's Friday Note from People For the American Way President Kathryn Kolbert, she mentioned some commercials from 1981 that were produced by People For cofounder Norman Lear and directed by Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme. If you didn't get a chance to check them out, watch them now for a reminder of the diversity and freedoms that make our country great.

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Right Wing Watch: Bob Jones Apologizes for Racist Past, Blames Society (11/24)

Seemingly out of nowhere, the notoriously racist Bob Jones University has decided to apologize for its nearly fifty-year record of refusing admission to African Americans and its even longer policy against interracial dating.

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Tony Perkins Attempts to Foment Racial Strife, Fails (11/13)

Those watching Anderson Cooper 360 on November 12 got a real treat in the form of Dan Savage revealing Tony Perkins for the anti-gay, anti-family misanthrope he is.

Check out the post for great links and the video >

Right Wing Watch: Senator Polliwog (aka Lindsey Graham) on Barack Obama, Michael Phelps and North Carolina (11/6)

Senator Lindsey Graham, warming up a North Carolina audience for McCain, assured them that McCain would win: "He fits North Carolina like a glove... I'll beat Michael Phelps in swimming before Barack Obama wins North Carolina." Whoops! Graham continued, "Don't let me down, because I can't swim."

graham polliwog (sm)

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Farewell, Studs (11/3)

In early November, Studs Terkel, Pulitzer Prize winning author and activist, died at age 96. Pictured below with Barack Obama, Terkel spoke at People For's Chicago Spirit of Liberty event in 2004, and his stories about the blacklist and Mahalia Jackson had people hanging on every word. His message to the crowd was to "say NO" to the "official line" and the Bush administration's abuse of the Constitution.

studs and barack PFAWF

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