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SPOTLIGHT: Right Wing Watch In Focus: Rise of the New McCarthyism

The Numbers Don't Lie -- GOP Obstruction Efforts Unprecedented in Senate

Extreme Anti-Choice Measure Voted Down in Senate

DC Council Passes Marriage Equality Legislation

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Right Wing Watch In Focus: Rise of the New McCarthyism

How Right Wing Extremists Try to Paralyze Government Through Ideological Smears and Baseless Attacks


On December 2, 1954, the U.S. Senate voted to censure Sen. Joseph McCarthy, bringing to an end four years of political intimidation and character assassination so ferocious that McCarthy’s name is still synonymous with a particularly destructive form of demagoguery.

McCarthy's campaign against supposedly widespread communist infiltration of the U.S. government brought down sitting Senators and intimidated even President Eisenhower (who loathed McCarthy) and his advisors. McCarthy's campaign was boosted by conservative think tanks, media figures, and clergy, and abetted for years by the unwillingness of most of his colleagues to stand up against his false charges and clear abuses of power.

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The Numbers Don't Lie -- GOP Obstruction Efforts Unprecedented in Senate


If it has seemed that Republican Senators have been expending tremendous amounts of energy for the sole purpose of slowing down the work of the Senate and the President's reform agenda, that’s because they have.

A review of cloture attempts in past sessions of Congress reveals that Republican senators have gone to record lengths to use Senate rules with the goal of slowing down the work of Congress, often when they have no expectation of stopping legislation or even winning concessions.

So far, GOP foot dragging has forced the Senate leadership to file 67 cloture petitions and forced cloture votes on 38 occasions.

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Extreme Anti-Choice Measure Voted Down in Senate


The Senate voted down a restrictive anti-choice amendment to health care reform legislation. The amendment, which would have prohibited health insurance plans that participate in the new exchange from providing full reproductive health benefits to millions of American women, was modeled on language in the House bill proposed by Representatives Bart Stupak and Joseph Pitts.

Kathleen Turner, a dedicated PFAW activist who helped lead our efforts against the amendment, and a board member of the affiliated People For the American Way Foundation, said:

"I'm glad that the Senate stood up so powerfully to right-wing activists who want to hold health care reform hostage. But this is just the first hurdle. Anti-choice leaders are working hard to restrict women’s health care options. Everyone who cares about health care reform and reproductive freedom should continue pushing their elected officials to oppose restrictive anti-choice language in the health care bill."

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DC Council Passes Marriage Equality Legislation


On December 15, the Washington, DC City Council gave final approval to legislation that will extend marriage equality to same-sex couples. Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the law, which will go into effect after a congressional review period has elapsed.

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Two New Videos This Month Show What We're Up Against ... And Why PFAW Is So Suited For the Challenge

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In 2009, right-wing extremism reached new heights.

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Where we've been and where we're going.

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Right Wing Watch: Kyle's Favorite Posts of 2009


As we look back at 2009 and prepare for the year ahead, we are doing some end-of-the-year fund-raising and so I thought I'd take a look back at some of the posts that ranked among RWW's primary blogger Kyle's personal favorites from the last year.

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Joe Lieberman Speaks Out Against Joe Lieberman


You might have read the recent news about Joe Lieberman's efforts to block meaningful health care reform. It's no longer surprising that Senator Lieberman is doing everything he can to slow down or stop reform, but it might be surprising to know that his efforts have been opposed by . . . Joe Lieberman.

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Right Wing Watch: America Is Cursed By God For Electing Barack Obama


Janet Porter says it is "time to fight for your lives!" and lays out five ways to do so, with numbers 4 and 5 being prayer and fasting, which are necessary because America "made the choice of death last November" and is therefore cursed for electing Barack Obama.

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Right Wing Watch: 2009: The Religious Right In a Nutshell


Earlier this year, [I] wrote a series of posts based upon a widespread right-wing lie alleging that the economic stimulus legislation signed into law by President Obama contained an "anti-Christian" provision that would "usher in a new era of religious censorship" and target Christians for discrimination. We eventually produced our very first Right Wing Watch In Focus examining the Right's use of this lie in order to generate opposition to President Obama and his agenda.

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New GAO Report Exposes More About Politicization of Department of Justice Under Bush


With a new Government Accountability Office report on the activities of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice between 2001-2007, we are learning even more about a department that had been politicized to a dangerous degree under the Bush Administration. Instead of representing the best interests of the American people, the DOJ had been turned into a political machine.

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Right Wing Watch: A Big Week for the CHRIST-mas Tree


On Dec. 8, we introduced the world to the wonder that is the CHRIST-mas Tree. Since that time the lowly tree has become a national icon of the bogus "War on Christmas."

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Right Wing Watch: Bauer: Only a Backlash Against Muslims Can Stop Terrorism


Writing in The Weekly Standard, Gary Bauer complains that the lack of a "backlash" against Muslims in America is leading to more terrorist attacks.

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Right Wing Watch: 2010: The Year The Right Tries To Repeal Marriage Equality


Over the holiday, Stand For Marriage DC began running ads demanding a vote on the District's recently passed marriage equality legislation...

In a somewhat related development, right-wing activists in Iowa are also moblizing to pressure state legislators to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would overturn the state Supreme Court's ruling.

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Right Wing Watch: Ted Nugent Wants To See Obama Jailed


I guessing we'll soon see a Dixie Chicks-style backlash against Ted Nugent for his statements, right?

The Cat Scratch Fever hitmaker, a fervent Republican, insists America should be ashamed about voting in the Democrat, who took office in January (09).

He tells Royal Flush magazine, "I think that Barack Hussein Obama should be put in jail. It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama is a communist.

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The Pew and the Bench: A Faith Summit on the Federal Judiciary


On Dec. 8, there was a panel at the Religious Action Center discussing the role of religious communities in debates over judicial nominees. Joi Orr, program assistant with People for the American Way’s African American Religious Affairs department spoke about the role of the religious vote and what People for the American Way is currently doing around judicial nominations.

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